«Amurugol» helped modernize a kindergarten in the village of Varvarovka

Joint Stock Company «Amur Coal» — an asset of the company «Russian Coal» in the Amur region — has allocated more than 4 million rubles for the modernization of the Municipal preschool educational budgetary institution «Kindergarten «Rainbow», which is located in the village of Varvarovka of the Oktyabrsky district of the Amur region. Thanks to charitable assistance, the overhaul of the kindergarten roof has been completed.

The current kindergarten building was built in 1996. Currently, 100 kids are being brought up in Raduga, most of which are children of employees of the Yerkovetsky section of JSC «Amurugol».

The pre-school educational institution of the village of Varvarovka has created the most comfortable conditions for comprehensive child development. Special attention is paid to the health and physical development of children, a modern gym is available for the pupils of the «Rainbow». The large speech therapy center conducts speech development programs for preschool children. Also, kids are taught acting and staging mini-performances, and they are introduced to the history of Russia.

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